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Productivity tools by Ken Endacott

Microsoft Word utilities and tools

Ken Endacott's free EDITORkae utilities and tools extend Word's menus and are designed to improve the productivity of editors and writers.

The tools can help rationalise style usage, control track changes, setup numbering schemes, give uniform table layouts, manipulate shapes and pictures, edit fields, bookmarks and hyperlinks, control spell checking and setup Tables of Contents.

How the modules work

Each module pops up a menu that floats over the screen, Menus can remain on the screen while work is being carried out on the document or they can be closed and opened again when needed. The tools run in Windows versions of Word 2007 or higher, in both 32 and 64 bit versions.They will not run in Mac Word.

How the tools are run

A custom ribbon containing buttons for the individual modules is automatically created when Word is opened. Alternatively, an icon to run Launcher can be placed on the Quick Access toolbar and the individual tools run from the Launcher menu.

The package

The utilities come in a zip file containing the individual module files, the ribbon creating file, the launcher tool and installation instructions. Also included is the file FindReplaceData.docx containing useful find/replace strings and a primer on using Find and Replace wildcards.

More information on individual modules

Click on the buttons on the ribbon image above or in the Launcher image on the left for information about individual modules.
Click buttons for more information

The latest module versions
The package will download in Firefox but may not download from Chrome or Edge because it does not have a security certificate. Until this is resolved if you are having problems email me and I will send you a copy directly.
The package contains Word macros and some corporate networks will refuse to download..

To download the package click here File size approx 2.2 Mbytes

Files in the current EditorKAEMacros.zip file:

Launcher 3.0 October 2019
Style Utilities 5.1 February 2023
Text Editing 7.4 January 2023
Spelling 2.5 October 2020
Bullets & Numbering 7.0 May 2022
Fields & Bookmarks 4.8 October 2021
Shapes & Pictures 6.8 May 2023
Table Editing 5.5 September 2021
Tables of Contents 4.2 July 2020
Document Stats 3.2 March 2022
Track Changes & Hot Keys 8.1 September 2021
FindReplaceData 2.6
Setup Instructions 2.2
Ribbon loading file 2.5

Unzip the files into your Word STARTUP folder.
See Setup Instructions for further details.

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Ken Endacott
19 May 2023